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Louise R

Posted by Katie Macdonald on

100% the best $27 I have ever spent! My 7 year old daughter is very anxious and doesn’t open up easily about her day, or if something is bothering her. Somebody mentioned that she may be worried about the transition to her junior school because she had become unusually quiet. It had me really worried. My friend mentioned that she had got this journal for her 7 year old and said that it was amazing so I thought I would give it a go and I absolutely love it. It gives my girl a simple way to reflect on the GOOD things and I get to talk about those with her and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the double page where you get to select the words you would use to describe yourself or add your own. My daughter isn’t very confident and hasn’t had much faith in herself at all and going through those pages she came to realise she is so many of those things. For her treat for filling it out for the first 7 days she has decided she wants a family bbq which to me sounds perfect a day in the garden with my wonderful family xx thank you.