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Lucy W

Posted by Katie Macdonald on

My 7yr old daughter has been using this a week and had her 1st couple of break throughs. I was so proud my eyes watered up

She struggles with anxiety (picks her nails), generally more at school.

A worrier.

Cries when she thinks she’s going to get told off.

A defeatist.

Covers her ears, when we try to talk/explain things.


Runs off when she doesn’t want to listen.

Lower confidence & esteem...

These over the top emotional outbursts have been around the last year I guess (yr 2 of primary school).

Being one the youngest in her class, I thought may have it’s difficulties.

We have a moto ‘Try, Try & Try Again’. This was so we could install more positivity in her, to keep going, you’ll get it, don’t give up.

This has mostly fallen on deaf ears.

We were at a park yesterday & she was attempting to climb a rock wall. Not able to get a good grip, she kept falling off & said she couldn’t do it.

I reminded her “Yes you can”.

I watched from close by, she kept trying until she did it. The pride she felt was fantastic. I came over to give her a big hug.

She said “See Mummy, Try, Try & Try Again & I did it”


I wish I had a HappyMe Journal growing up!

Thank u to the creator, such a simple but wonderful thing you have done!